Launched the Olay Fresh Effects with custom content that reached a new target segment

Brand Positioning, Content Strategy, and Data Analysis

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A beauty blog for Millennials and iGen.

When the Olay Fresh Effects collection of products went to market in 2014, P&G needed a digital creative team to activate the product. We crafted the brand voice and tone on social to reach our target audience base, Millenials.

Olay Fresh Effects Tumblr was created, and was shared by beauty fans around the internet. Through a mix of lifestyle & beauty content, animated gifs, inspirational quotes and celebrity partnerships, we reached our audience in a way that tapped into their behavior, passions, and interests on Tumblr. 

I led the brand positioning, oversaw the content strategy, and published all articles. I was in a hybrid role where I developed content themes with our PR team and influencers. I led brainstorms across our creative teams. I implemented active social listening and analytics to effectively target our media buys.



Defining Goals


A new brand for a younger audience.

When Olay launched the campaign for "Your Best Beautiful," we saw an opportunity for Fresh Effects to connect with its Millenial target audience and tackle an age-old brand perception. 

Specifically, we crafted a new positioning and social voice for Fresh Effects to prove its value on social media. 





Social media is becoming an increasingly crucial way for beauty brands to reach and interact with people.

An industry analysis across beauty and personal care showed Olay owned 22% share of voice across social media.

In fact, Olay recorded the greatest overall usage and awareness on social media among other brands like Clinique and Clean and Clear, according to Mintel. 

Since Fresh Effects was a new product line for the Millennial and iGeneration (ages 16-35), it was necessary to reach our target in a way that connected us to their world of pop culture and beauty content. 

The sea change is creating a new generation of consumers, a swelling group of young women who devour beauty content, determinedly search for details about products they covet, itch to try new brands and crave great scores. Increasingly, brands are responding by unleashing newness at warp speed, solidifying relationships with social media stars, ambushing trends and quickening the pace of their marketing efforts. With social media inflaming desire for products, it’s a kill-or-be-killed environment in the beauty business, and the kills can be immediate and very, very big.
— Rachel Brown, Social Media in the Beauty Landscape, WWD

The 25-34 age group is very active on social media.

People are actively discussing beauty and personal care issues across most communities, like Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. 

Tumblr became the right community to be a part of because it had:

  • Large number of users
  • Dynamic mix of long-form and short-form content types
  • Rich focus on beauty and lifestyle communities. 

    Below shows how people are connecting with facial skincare brands on social media.


    Where people are talking about facial skincare brands

    Source: Infigy/Minitel, 2014

    A competitive analysis gave us the confidence to be different.

    A competitive analysis across facial skincare brands showed there is an opportunity to be more gentle and fun within a sea of cold, clinical-leaning brands like Clinique, Clean and Clear, and Neutrogena.  

    Olay Fresh Effects competitive positioning map.png

    Playing up Olay Fresh Effect's emotional side helped us tremendously. 

    A new positioning for Olay Fresh Effects became ground zero where our bold creative would grow, shine, and take shape.

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    Olay Fresh Effects memes were created and shared by beauty fans around the internet. 

    By creating a mix of lifestyle & beauty content, animated gifs, inspirational quotes and celebrity partnerships, we reached Millennials and iGens in a way that tapped into their behavior, passions, and interests on Tumblr. 

    Below are some favorite creative memes by Kelsey Liss, our creative director. 





    Activating the brand voice through short-form storytelling. 

    We launched Olay Fresh Effects Tumblr bring the new positioning to life in a super social environment. 

    The articles were shareable, bite-sized memes that readers could like and share on Tumblr. We choose Tumblr because the platform had an established social community that was hyper-focused on fashion and beauty.

    Below are some articles from the blog. 

    Fresh Effects_Tumblr_Home.jpg
    Olay Fresh Effects_mac.png




    Within six months of launch, Olay Fresh Effects surpassed our marketing goals.

    The Tumblr reached a total of 5 million fans and an average of 225,000 unique views per month.

    Our team continued to provide content strategy and creation to support the inter-agency leads across PR, media buying, and event activation at Olay.


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