With nine years of experience in marketing, branding, and digital strategy, my experience includes working at the C-suite level with some of the largest retail, beauty, and technology companies in the world. I partner with agencies and start-ups on a project basis helping brands big and small envision a new experience and bring it to life. Core capabilities include:

Branding and marketing strategy  Giving direction to brands looking to enter and attract new customers in luxury, retail and beauty landscape. Helping you craft your mission and vision so you can really stand out to your users, in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Innovation consulting  Tuning into developments that are transforming consumer behavior. Focusing on new products that disrupt brands and markets, I offer in-depth briefs, breaking news, and inspiration from the best in marketing products, social tools, mobile technologies, and more. 

Product & user research  Bespoke qualitative research to understanding the market, your competition, and customer. Develop an emotional connection with your target audience, such as user stories, so you understand who you're designing for and what they are passionate about (esp. what keeps them up at night), and a roadmap to launch. Validate your MVP so that it makes sense to your users in a simple, yet relevant way.

Social strategy & community building  Create and apply a story-driven content marketing plan. Delivering stories that matter to your community is what is going to ignite engagement and meaningful conversations. Develop content areas to talk to your users (rather than alienate them), get to know what makes them tick, and establish community guidelines that brings your brand experience to life. Hone in on game mechanics to incentivize users to sign up and hit your target acquisition. 

Creative direction  Create a clear brand story using compelling content. Guiding the direction of style guides, product development, and campaign creative to ensure they resonate with the right audience

Talk to me  I love meeting new people and exploring new ideas. If you want to discuss any kind of project not mentioned here, shoot me a message and let's meet. 


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